What is PSTEC?

PSTEC for everyone LogoPSTEC the Percussive Suggestion Technique is a new, fast and effective way of helping you, do the things you want to do, but seem unable to for some reason or other. PSTEC can help you become the person you would like to be. Calmer more confident, more decisive, more active, what ever it is PSTEC can help.

It may seem illogical but whatever problems you have are only problems because you think they are. If you can change the way you think about them, insurmountable problems become challenges. Challenges which can be dealt with. PSTEC can help you change the way you feel and think. We like to think we are rational, sensible human beings, well we are sometimes. Most of the time we are driven by old habits, fears and old self limiting beliefs, even if we do not perceive them at the time.

Created by Hypnotherapist Tim Phizacklerley PSTEC was released to the public in 2009. Starting with the FREE basic Click Tracks other packages were soon added to create a whole family of products. Some of these extend the possibilities of the Click Tracks and others are for specific issues, example, smoking cessation.

The PSTEC products are audio mp3 files some with alternative pdf instruction files which are only  downloaded from the PSTEC audiosource site. (Download buttons in this site take you to them).

By downloading you agree to the licence conditions which are;

  • You have to be over 18.
  • The products are for your own personal use, unless you are a qualified therapist.
  • You may not resell them or give them to anyone else.
  • You are responsible for your own use, at your own risk.

Schools, colleges, businesses, corporations, health centres and therapy practices are covered by different licence agreements.

All the products come with Instructions for use. However there are extra tutorials to help you better use the system or for those who just want to know more and some for therapists to develop their skills.

Essentially all you have to do is listen and follow the instructions given by Tim. However it is not just listening, your active involvement is required in order to make the system effective. At the start of the Click Tracks you will be asked to focus on whatever the negative feeling is that you want removed, you will be asked to tap in time with the clicks at the same time as listening to Tim’s suggestions. Simple but not really easy, you  have to work hard at it. The tapping has nothing to do with meridians like EFT. PSTEC although has some hypnotic tracks is nothing like conventional hypnotherapy. You are in control and relaxed but fully alert at all times. In my experience PSTEC is more powerful and faster than either.

It will cost nothing but your email address (this is not passed on to any other party), in order to start with PSTEC. The FREE Basic Click Tracks are fully functional, free for life, use as often as you like, for you own personal use. Not for giving to others or for resale. These Click Tracks are designed to remove unwanted feelings and emotions. It is these which hold you back and stop you doing things. Creatures of habit we certainly are, PSTEC can help you remove the old bad habits and introduce new positive ones. So change your habits, change your life with PSTEC.

Download them from >> HERE! <<

Takes you to the PSTEC Audiosource site, your email required.

For use by adults only. Under 18s with parental guidance only. Those with mental health problems such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, epilepsy etc should seek professional assistance first. Do not use whilst driving or operating machinery. Responsibility for use rests with the user.

More about PSTEC?

Tim Phizackerley

Tim Phizackerley

Firstly PSTEC is the Percussive Suggestion TEChniqne a new and powerful therapy created by hypnotherapist Tim Phizackerley. Created to be faster more effective and affordable. It is a set of tools to help you improve your life. PSTEC can remove the fears and negative thoughts  that trigger your bad habits or patterns of behaviour. By de-linking the underlying fears from your actions you are left free to change or create a new life for yourself.Continue reading

Pre-Consultation Guide

PSTEC with Peter Bunyan PSTEC Therapist
2 Queen Street, Dawlish, EX7 9HB, UK

In order to help you effectively, I need to know a little about you first. This will save me time and therefore you money.
Allow yourself some time but less than 30 minutes and write a brief history of your life from as early as you can remember to the present time.
Write quickly, do not correct spelling or grammar, I do not need this to look pretty. Do not worry about getting your timelines correct or consistent, just get it written fast. Do not even correct it when you have finished
If you think I will not be able to understand it, then give me another more readable version as well, but do the rough quick one first and send me both.
Tell me briefly about your past and your feelings, relationships and health issues. What concerns you the most? What incidents for example being bullied or mugged still affect you?
Remember to write as fast as you can. Do not over-think this, it is not an exam or test.

Next, write what you want for the future and what you expect PSTEC and myself to do for you. You do not need to do this quickly. Remember If you can imagine it, then it can become real. Write about why you want changes and how you will feel when they happen.
If you find writing difficult then you can record an audio version. Many laptops, notebooks, tablets or smart phones have built-in microphones which can record voice. Use the same guidelines as above, just talk, do not worry about sounding good, just ramble away and send the file to me. If your audio file is too large to email then contact me for alternatives.

Use your favourite word or text processor and save the file. I can open most file types but if possible .doc .rtf .txt .pdf are easier for me. Attach the file to an email which contains your name, age, and location. If you prefer you can write on paper and post it to me or scan it and attach the result to an email. but please tell me you are posting it when you email me so that I can expect the delay. My address is at the top of this document.
If you think writing about your life is difficult, consider the alternative, doing nothing, no change, your life remaining the same! The healing and change process is within you. I just guide you to use the PSTEC tools to enable this process to happen. If you want to change then this is the first step, wanting to change. The next step is allowing yourself to believe that this change is possible with PSTEC. Be aware this is not a “lay back and listen” or talk therapy. PSTEC can be intense and will take some consistent effort and application on your part. However, it is fast and powerful, enabling rapid change. This change can come sooner than you ever thought possible.

I look forward to helping you become the person you want to be.

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