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What is PSTEC?

PSTEC, the Percussive Suggestion Technique is a collection downloadable mp3 audio files. Some are therapies for self-users, some more aimed at therapists, and others are tutorials, again some for self-users and some for therapists. The starting point, the foundation of the system is the use of the FREE basic Click Tracks.

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How does it work?

There is a range of therapeutic techniques used. Some packages are simpler than others and some use percussion in the mix and not others. Suggestion to modify emotions, beliefs and behaviours is the primary tool  but multiple ways of getting your subconscious to accept those suggestions are employed.

What do I have to do?

Once you have downloaded the files, first you should listen to the instructions. They are all audio based so you should find somewhere comfortable and quiet to listen. Some packages just require you to just listen and focus on what is being said and others like the Click Tracks require a more active involvement. In these you are required to do your best to tap with your hands in synch with the sounds on the track and keep focussed on other things, depending on the package.

What is PSTEC good for?

PSTEC was designed to be general purpose so that one tool can be used for many issues. Whatever you suffer from PSTEC is likely to be able to help in some way. So not just say Fear of Spiders but any phobia from flying to heights to you name it. Social Anxiety to Panic Attacks, to Eating Disorders, Depression to PTSD, the list goes on and on. Us humans are driven and controlled by emotions far more than we usually realise. If this were not so then anyone who wanted to give up smoking could just do it and over-eating of "comfort" foods would not exist. PSTEC gives you back the control over unwanted habits and behaviours that blight your life and much more.

Do I need a Therapist?

No! PSTEC was designed for self use. There are qualified PSTEC therapists if you feel the need for extra help. Many therapists  work online via phone or Skype as well as in-person so that you should be able to access one no matter where you are. You will find myself and others on the PSTEC Register.

How much will it cost me?
Since the starting basic package is FREE it may cost you nothing. The FREE Basic Click Tracks Learn More are a fully functioning, powerful therapy. You may not need to purchase anything else for your issue/s. The packages are for your personal use only, for life,and not to be given away or re-sold. All the paid-for packages are kept as reasonably priced and as affordable as possible, on this site I have shown the prices clearly and up-front.
How much time does it take?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question. Some tracks are only 12 minutes and others 30 or more. I suggest for those new to PSTEC to schedule several 30-minute time slots in the first week or two. How many sessions you will need is entirely unpredictable. Some people only a few and some dozens. Once you understand what is required from experience then you should be able to organise your time to suit.

Who are you?

I am Peter Bunyan PSTEC Therapist, Registered, Advanced

Age 60 something

Based in Dawlish, Devon, UK

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Who invented PSTEC?

Percussive Suggestion (PSTEC) was created and developed by ;

Tim Phizackerley
Creator of PSTEC, PSTEC Trainer, PSTEC Practitioner,
Clinical Hypnotherapist,
B.Ed (Hons),
MBCS CITP (Chartered Status),

Tim lives in the north of England.

Who owns PSTEC?

PSTEC is owned by PSTEC, LLC; 1603 Capitol Ave, Ste 200, Cheyenne, WY 82001 USA

I believe this organisation is owned by Tim Phizackerley the creator of PSTEC